Out of the wild valley of Central Newfoundland emerges a fearsome 4 piece Alternative rock brotherhood known as Mile Twenty Five. Forged from hard work, laughs and letting the good times roll, they link a modern rock style to sincere, nostalgic songwriting.
Banded in 2019, the group consists of frontman Peter Welsh, guitarist Marcel Reid as well as the thundering rhythmic chemistry that is drummer Carter Fancey and bassist Matthew Pittman. Dubbing their sound “Backyard Rock” - a mix of their roots and rock influence, the band delivers optimistic, youthful anthems about living and loving.

All it takes is one song. Their debut single “Riverside Drive,” (written about what it means to grow up in a small town) gained local, provincial and even small Canadian success in September of 2019. NTV’s Leila Beaudoin calls their sound “Impeccable” saying “the song touches Newfoundlanders and Labradorians everywhere.”  Some listeners have gone on to say that the song gave them “goosebumps” upon their first listen.

Now in 2020, as they release their debut album “Just In Case,” with producer Clint Curtis from Sevenview Studios, the band expects listeners to see a looser side of Mile Twenty Five apart from their debut emotional song about their hometown. The  album is a roller coaster of emotion, featuring an inside look at heartbreak, growing up tough and taking life in your own hands. It showcases the band’s personality and humor. 

Peter Welsh

Frontman| Guitarist

Peter is a multifaceted musician hailing from the town of Lewisporte, Newfoundland and Labrador. Also known as pop artist Peter Vance, the singer-songwriter/artist/ producer is known for his anthemic hooks, affectionate lyricism and his ability to put himself in others' shoes. He applies his songwriting talents to a variety of different styles and genres from pop, rock, folk, country and is venturing into the world of hip hop. He recently helped arrange and track Bailey Jordan Neil’s single “Again Someday,” which has reached #3 on the East Coast Countdown’s Top 10 List.

Marcel Reid

Lead Guitarist | Backup Vocalist

Otherwise known as "Uncle Kel", Marcel was born & raised in Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador. Growing up with the drive to make people laugh, uncle Kel is usually found telling some sort of joke or riding his unicycle. He draws musical influence from Canadian classics such as The Tragically Hip & Blue Rodeo 

Carter Fancey

Drummer | Percussionist

Carter grew up on the Exploits river in Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland, An athlete all his life, he recently traded hockey skates for a set of drum sticks & hasn't looked back since. He found a creative outlet in songwriting & story telling, Influenced by the drumming styles of Chad Smith & John Bonham as well as being drawn to folk lyricists such as Bob Dylan and Ray LaMontagne

Matthew Pittman

Bassist | Backup Vocalist

Guitarist turned Bassist, Matthew is the newest addition to Mile Twenty Five, also originating from the town of Bishop's Falls, Newfoundland. Matthews inspiration in bass playing comes from his love of classic rock - more importantly his passion for bands such as Guns N' Roses & Def Leppard. He contributes a hard precise bass style to the music. 

Matthew shines bright in his ability to ramble The Irish Decendants song "Rattlin Bog" in full.

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